Undergraduate Resources

The Division of Undergraduate Education (UE) offers a variety of support services and enrichment opportunities for undergraduate students at UC Berkeley.

Academic Support and Mentoring

Athletic Study Center

Provides transformative academic development to student athletes, including holistic advising, academic support and peer tutoring, major exploration and degree planning. The Athletic Study Center partners with students in their transition into, through and beyond their undergraduate education.

Berkeley Connect

Program open to all undergraduate students that matches you with a graduate student mentor and places you in a small discussion group with students who share your academic interests. Berkeley Connect helps you build relationships, gain confidence, and make the most of your time at UC Berkeley.

Biology Scholars Program

Supports the success of low-income, first-to-college Berkeley undergraduates who will use their science to create a more fair, just and equitable world for all. Our wrap-around multi-pronged approach includes student-centered mentoring, teaching, and alliance. Members belong to an inclusive community and environment that is the cornerstone of a rewarding and full college experience for all students, regardless of their backgrounds.

Student Learning Center

Provides study groups, tutoring, and academic support services in economics, math and statistics, science, social sciences, and writing. Through its International Students, UCFTR and Summer Bridge programs, the SLC also offers opportunities to engage in social and intellectual communities that promote social justice and academic excellence.

Creative Engagement

Creative Discovery Courses

Offers students a broad introduction to a range of creative fields, and a foundation for future experiences as artists, performers, designers, videographers, and writers, and as responsive thinkers and engaged audience members in the domain of arts and culture.


Provides students with experiential learning, leadership and discovery opportunities, and the ability to produce and broadcast high-quality, creative and diverse radio programming.

International Programs

SLC International Student Program

Academic support services that enhance the learning experiences of international students.

SLC Language Exchange Program

A platform for Berkeley students to share their language skills and cultural knowledge through language practice and community socials.

Leadership Opportunities

American Cultures Student Advisory Board

Opportunity for undergraduate students to serve as a bridge to the American Cultures (AC) Center and the development of the American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) Program, and to explore experiences of students as they complete the AC graduation requirement.

Arts + Design Student Council

Student-led extension of the Office of Arts + Design dedicated to representing and promoting student creativity at UC Berkeley.

Student Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Education

Advisory group that shapes the student experience at UC Berkeley by providing critical feedback to campus leaders on undergraduate initiatives and programs.

New Student Programs

Summer Bridge

Six-week academic residential program for newly-admitted freshmen to gain early and deep exposure to the University, and develop the skills, confidence, and connections necessary to thrive at Berkeley.

Scholarships and Prizes

American Cultures Student Prize

Prize awarded annually to undergraduates for projects they develop in an American Cultures course that promotes understanding of U.S. race, ethnicity, and culture, and that exemplifies a standard of excellence in scholarship. Prior award-winning submissions have included essays, poetry, films, and reflection statements on live performances.

Student Jobs

Division of Undergraduate Education

The following UE units hire students each year to support their operations. Check the Work-Study website for postings by other UE units.

Undergraduate Research

American Cultures Engaged Scholarship Program

Offers students the opportunity to work with community organizations to develop cutting edge research projects associated with some of the nation's most pressing social issues.

SLC Research Associate Program

Eight-week summer research program that introduces undergraduates to the rigor and practice of research at Berkeley. Participants receive structured guidance, individualized coaching, and a stipend to produce an original research project.