University Athletics Board

Advising the Chancellor on student athlete well-being and athletics accountability

The University Athletics Board (UAB) is charged with advising the Chancellor on all matters of policy related to Intercollegiate Athletics, with particular reference to the academic and personal well-being of student athletes and the accountability of the Athletic Department to the educational values and goals of the UC Berkeley campus. For information about UAB, please contact

UAB Members

Name Affiliation

Oliver M. O’Reilly

Interim Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Ronald Cohen

Chair, Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate
Barry Baskin Alumni Representative
Christine Wildsoet Diversity, Equity and Campus Climate Committee Representative
Derek Van Rheenen Executive Director, Athletic Study Center
Deshae Wise Student Athlete Representative (Women’s Track & Field)
Emily Ozer Faculty At-large Representative
Jay Larson Associate Athletic Director, Compliance
Jenny Simon-O’Neill Associate Athletic Director and Sr. Woman Administrator - Intercollegiate Athletics
Jim Knowlton Athletic Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
Kathleen Correia Alumnae Representative
Kelly McIntyre Student Athlete Representative (Women’s Lacrosse)
Kris Pister Faculty At-large Representative
Lishelle Blakemore Associate Vice Chancellor for Development
Mark D' Esposito Faculty Athletics Council (FACL) Representative
Mateo Torrico ASUC Representative
Meg Conkey GEDS Committee Co-chair, Academic Integrity Committee Facilitator
Michael Saffell Student Athlete Representative (Football)
Pradeep Chhibber Academic Planning & Resources Allocation (CAPRA) Representative
Richard Rhodes Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, College of Letters & Science
Robert Sharf Admissions, Enrollment, & Preparatory Education (AEPE) Representative
Robyne Johnson Head Coach Representative
Tom Lowry Senior Associate Athletics Director and Chief Financial Officer

Staff to UAB

Name Affiliation
Eric Sickles Athletics Administration Coordinator
Amber Fogarty Executive Assistant, Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education