Our Units

The Division of Undergraduate Education includes eight reporting units

Our units offer programs and services that support Berkeley students, faculty, and staff in teaching, learning, and Discovery. The head of each unit reports into the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.

Advising Strategy + Training

Advising Strategy + Training (AS+T) empowers the people and organizational development of UC Berkeley's advising and student services community in service of their quest to provide compassionate, human-centered, equity-minded support to students. We do this through the stewardship of information, facilitation of growth, cultivation of partnerships, and commitment to community.

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American Cultures Center

The American Cultures (AC) Center is committed to fostering academic excellence and civic engagement of issues critical to America's dynamic ethnic, racial and sociocultural landscape. After nearly thirty-years, and the development of hundreds of courses, the AC requirement has become a staple of the undergraduate experience at UC Berkeley.

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Athletic Study Center

The Athletic Study Center supports student athletes in developing as independent, self-reliant and successful young adults. The Athletic Study Center is committed to the integration and engagement of student athletes into campus life, and provides holistic student development, academic support, and academic advising services to the student athlete population at UC Berkeley.

Three students posing with Oski on campus, wearing their Berkeley Changemakers t-shirts.

Berkeley Changemaker

Berkeley Changemaker® is a program comprising some 20 courses that codifies an essential part of what UC Berkeley has always stood for and provides a galvanizing narrative that our whole campus is rallying behind, humanists and scientists alike. Through its focus on i) critical thinking, ii) communication, and iii) collaboration, its curriculum activates undergraduates’ passions and develops a sharper sense of who they want to be and how to make that happen.

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Berkeley Connect

Berkeley Connect is an innovative academic community-building program that connects undergraduates with graduate student mentors and with small groups of their peers, in order to increase their sense of belonging and their confidence they can succeed at UC Berkeley.

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Biology Scholars Program

The Biology Scholars Program (BSP) supports the success of low-income, first-to-college Berkeley undergraduates who will use their science to create a more fair, just and equitable world for all.

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Research, Teaching, and Learning

Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL) partners with the campus to inspire, enrich, and innovate Berkeley’s collective practice and pursuit of teaching and research excellence. RTL is composed of several teams, including the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Digital Learning Services (DLS), and Research IT. With leadership in their area of expertise, teams coordinate around consultations, resources, tools, and projects across RTL for the broader campus community.

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Student Learning Center

The Student Learning Center (SLC) is the primary academic support unit on campus, serving approximately 40% of the undergraduate population. We take pride in being a student-centered, service-oriented, and culturally diverse learning hub. Through a wide range of service formats—including tutoring, study groups, course adjuncts, academic coaching, study strategies workshops, research skills seminars, and cultural and wellness programs—we push the traditional boundaries of learning-center practices to deliver a holistic and rigorous learning experience for Berkeley students.