Student Pulse Survey

Providing campus with timely student feedback

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The Student Pulse Survey provides actionable information for campus leadership to address student needs.

Pulse surveys are brief surveys administered to undergraduate and graduate students each semester. Each survey includes questions on timely topics, and takes approximately 1-5 minutes to complete. Survey results are shared with students after the survey has closed.

The Student Pulse Survey is a partnership between the Division of Undergraduate Education, Student Affairs, and Graduate Division. For questions about the survey, please email

Student Pulse Surveys

Fall 2023 Semester

  • PULSE SURVEY #1: Semester Outlook, Health Resources, Basic Needs 

Spring 2023 Semester

  • PULSE SURVEY #1: Summer Plans, Academic Resources, Well-being
  • PULSE SURVEY #2Housing, Student Life, Tech Resources, Well-being

Fall 2022 Semester

  • PULSE SURVEY #2 (Weeks 11-13): Reading and Composition Courses, Sense of Belonging, Housing, Well-being

Spring 2022 Semester

  • PULSE SURVEY #1 (Weeks 1-3): Campus Communication & Support, In-person vs. Remote Services, COVID Risk & Activities, Campus Software/Tools Provision, Well-being

  • PULSE SURVEY #2 (Weeks 8-10): Advising Modes, Housing Insecurity, Communication with Leadership, COVID-19 Risk & Comfort, Well-being

Fall 2021 Semester

  • PULSE SURVEY #1(Weeks 4-6): Adapting to Return to Campus, Student Services Satisfaction, Wi-Fi, Well-being

  • PULSE SURVEY #2 (Weeks 11-12): Comfort with 100% In-person Spring, Interacting with CalCentral/FASO, Eduroam, Well-being

Spring 2021 Semester

  • PULSE SURVEY #1 (Weeks 2-4): Zoom, In-person Instruction, Remote Learning, Well-being

  • PULSE SURVEY #2 (Weeks 6-8): Future Advising Preference, FASO & CalCentral Tools, Academic Dishonesty, Basic Needs & Well-being
  • PULSE SURVEY #3 (Weeks 12-14): Fall 2021 Enrollment & Intentions for In-Person Instruction, Commute Options, Well-being

Fall 2020 Semester

  • PULSE SURVEY #1 (Weeks 3-5): Instruction and Resources

  • PULSE SURVEY #2 (Weeks 7-8): Community November Travel, Spring Recess, Work Study
  • PULSE SURVEY #3 (Weeks 4-6): Spring 2021 enrollment, Advising Tools, Basic Needs
  • PULSE SURVEY #4 (Week 16-Finals Week): Spring 2021 Enrollment & Housing Plans, Instruction, Silver Linings

Survey Prize Winners

Fall 2023 Semester

PULSE SURVEY #1 ($100 gift card)
  • Jon Birchler, College of Letters and Science undergraduate

  • Name withheld, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science undergraduate

  • Glory Gage, Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology undergraduate

  • Sakura Kappel, Business undergraduate

  • Fiona Grant, School of Law graduate student

  • Name withheld, Physics graduate student

Spring 2023 Semester

PULSE SURVEY #1 ($100 gift card)
  • Frances Melendres, Nutritional Science undergraduate

  • Justin Jones, English and Film & Media undergraduate

  • Angel Lagunas, L&S undergraduate

  • Elizabeth Matus, CED undergraduate

  • Mara Reed, Earth and Planetary Science graduate student

  • Wentao (Lynn) Li, Analytics graduate student
PULSE SURVEY #2 ($100 gift card)
  • Christopher Cassin, Linguistics undergraduate

  • Ítarala Gamboa, Sociology and Theater & Performance Studies undergraduate

  • Jeffrey Wei, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research undergraduate

  • Masooma Shahid, Molecular and Cell Biology undergraduate

  • Pelumi Omoniyi, School of Law graduate student

  • Name withheld, graduate student

Fall 2022 Semester

PULSE SURVEY #1 ($100 gift card)
  • Sophia Meyers, Letters & Science undergraduate

  • Max Chen, Chemistry undergraduate

  • Name withheld, Molecular and Cell Biology undergraduate

  • Name withheld, undergraduate

  • Yuhan Yang, Physics graduate student

  • TBD, graduate student
PULSE SURVEY #2 ($100 gift card)
  • Abiya Baqai, Integrative Biology undergraduate

  • Ellen Nguyen, Molecular and Cell Biology & Economics undergraduate

  • Rachel Zhang, Data Science undergraduate

  • Sofia Chavez, Legal Studies undergraduate

  • Zhuojin Jia, Engineering graduate student

  • Name withheld, graduate student

Spring 2022 Semester

PULSE SURVEY #1 ($100 gift card)
  • Evan Kandell, Letters & Science undergraduate

  • Name Withheld, Economics undergraduate

  • Karoline Almeida, Letters & Science undergraduate

  • Name Withheld, Economics undergraduate

  • Vanessa Cerda, Optometry graduate student

  • Taormina Lepore, Integrative Biology graduate student

PULSE SURVEY #2 ($100 gift card)
  • Pericles Bien III, Architecture & Science undergraduate

  • Albert Giang, Computer Science & Cognitive Science undergraduate

  • Jiyoon Chung, Letters & Science undergraduate

  • Name Withheld, EECS undergraduate

  • Liti Prasad, MICS graduate student

  • Sean Clair, Chemistry graduate student

Fall 2021 Semester

PULSE SURVEY #1 ($100 gift card)
  • Coco Ma, Computer Science & Statistics undergraduate

  • Olivia Liu, Sociology & Education undergraduate

  • Ryan Hunt, Philosophy undergraduate

  • Andi Liu, Letters & Science undergraduate

  • Elizabeth Boxer, Public Health graduate student

  • Brendan Henrique, Education graduate student

PULSE SURVEY #2 ($100 gift card)
  • Komal Badesha, American Studies & Psychology undergraduate

  • Matthew Bernardi, Psychology undergraduate

  • Sammy Raucher, Political Science undergraduate

  • Bonny Lee, Architecture undergraduate

  • Name Withheld, graduate student

  • Name Withheld, graduate student

Spring 2021 Semester

PULSE SURVEY #1 (Apple AirPods)
  • Shriniket Maddipatla, Letters & Science undergraduate

  • Lizbeth Cosio Vazquez, Letters & Science undergraduate

  • Caroline Haber, Law graduate student

PULSE SURVEY #2 (Apple AirPods)
  • Sonali Ranaweera, Economics undergraduate
  • Cantika Sasono, Psychology undergraduate
  • Christopher Barnes, Chemical Engineering graduate student
PULSE SURVEY #3 (Apple AirPods)
  • Ben Plate, Letters & Science undergraduate

  • Khuslen Sugarbat, Energy Engineering undergraduate

  • Jacob Binder, Law graduate student

Fall 2020 Semester

PULSE SURVEY #1 (Apple AirPods)
  • Sarah Jarrett, Landscape Architecture graduate student

  • Ray Altenberg, Computer Science undergraduate

  • Amr Eissa, Letters & Science undergraduate

PULSE SURVEY #2 (Apple AirPods)
  • Pammy Kazi, Letters & Science undergraduate

  • Jonathan Garcia, EECS undergraduate

  • Richard Liou, EECS graduate student

PULSE SURVEY #3 (Apple AirPods)
  • Nitin Pillai, Info & Data Science graduate student

  • Lois Yoo, Letters & Science undergraduate

  • Jordan Dudas, Architecture undergraduate

PULSE SURVEY #4 (Apple AirPods)
  • Veronica Bognot, Law graduate student

  • Nico Galin, Computer Science undergraduate

  • Name withheld, Applied Math & Economics undergraduate