Instructional Technology and Innovation Micro Grant Program

Funded Projects

The Instructional Technology and Innovation Micro Grant Program awards funding to faculty projects that advance new modes of instruction and assessment through technology innovations. Through generous funding from an anonymous donor, the program selected nine projects for funding in 2023. Recipients were awarded up to $50,000 for a one-year grant period and are asked to complete a brief report at the end of the grant year.

2024 Recipients

  • Andrew Bray, Statistics - “Gradebook: A tool for easy, flexible, and accurate course grades

  • Anne Baranger, College of Chemistry - “Supporting Students to Thrive in the College of Chemistry: Connecting a Learning Community and Targeted Academic Support to a First year Course

  • David Nadler, Mathematics - “Interactive Tools for Learning Linear Algebra

  • Kristen Whissel, Film & Media - “Curricular Innovations Through Classroom 3D Projection Systems

  • Lisa Yan, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences - “Seamless Learning: Sustainable course tools for at-scale undergraduate education

  • Michal Shuldman, Integrative Biology - “Innovative Solutions for General Biology Education: Integrating Instructional Technology for Hybrid Learning Success

  • Narges Norouzi and Gireeja Ranade, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences - “The Future of AI-supported Education: Student-Led Innovation through Guided Research

  • Raúl Coronado, English Department - “The History of Latinx Feelings: Applying Geospatial Analysis to the Archive of Nineteenth-Century Latinx Private Writing

  • Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton and Aileen Liu, Psychology, Letters and Science - UD "Faculty panel recordings for L&S 1: Research, Discovery, and You"
  • Zachary Pardos, School of Education - “AI Tutoring Innovations for Supporting High-demand STEM Courses (project continuation)