Take Spring 2024 Student Pulse Survey #1

February 1, 2024

Dear Berkeley undergraduate student,

We invite you to take the first Student Pulse Survey of the spring term. These confidential, quick surveys capture your feedback so UC Berkeley can better support you. As a token of our appreciation, if you complete the survey, you will have a chance to win a $100 gift card of your choice. 

The Spring 2024 Pulse Survey #1 is now open
This Pulse Survey asks for your thoughts on housing and mental health. A link to the Pulse Survey is below and also appears as a task in CalCentral. The survey is confidential and results will be displayed only in the aggregate. The last day to submit your responses is Tuesday, February 13.

Take Spring 2024 Pulse Survey #1

Results from Fall 2023 Pulse Survey #2
The results from the Fall Pulse Survey #2 are available on the Pulse Survey website. Below are some highlights:

Use of Generative AI

  • Thirty-five percent (n = 3,277) of students used generative AI like ChatGPT for their coursework Fall 2023 semester, while 48% (n = 4,461) used generative AI outside of coursework. For those who used generative AI for coursework, the most common uses were to research a topic (59%, n = 1,909) and to brainstorm for a writing project or presentation (54%, n = 1,747). Undergraduate students also used it to prepare for exams (37%, n = 884) and graduate students used it to revise/debug programming code (31%, n = 269). Among those who used generative AI for coursework, 61% (n = 1,996) said it has positively impacted their learning, 24% (n = 795) said it had both positive and negative effects, 12% (n = 405) were not sure, and 2% (n = 65) reported negative effects. 
    • Undergrads can visit the Student Learning Center for guidance on studying. 
    • Students should consult with their instructors regarding the use of generative AI in their course, and they should be aware that this guidance will be course-specific. 
    • Graduate students can consult with the Graduate Writing Center for guidance on writing. The GSI Teaching & Resource Center will be convening a panel this spring for Graduate Student Instructors on using generative AI to support teaching and Learning. Graduate Student Instructors can also consult resources from the Center for Teaching and Learning.
    • The Library is a great resource for all students with research guides on dozens of topics and Data + Digital Scholarship Services
    • The Berkeley Office of Ethics provides guidance on how to use AI tools safely, without putting institutional, personal, or proprietary information at risk.


  • Housing remains a critical issue for a sizable portion of students. Ten percent (n = 919) reported that they experienced housing insecurity during Fall 2023 semester. A similar percentage said worrying about housing very frequently (4%, n = 328) and frequently (6%, n = 554) affected their ability to focus on academics. 
    • The Basic Needs Center helps to alleviate housing insecurity in the Berkeley student community through services, resources, and prevention support to students with limited resources. 
    • In addressing the broader housing needs of the student community, the university has several new housing construction projects nearing completion with more upcoming. In addition, CalRentals helps connect students with rental accommodations in the local community.

Survey Drawing Winners
Congratulations to the following recipients of $100 gift cards from Fall 2023 Pulse Survey #2:

  • Anali Jimenez, Geology undergraduate student
  • Brandon Louis, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science undergraduate student
  • Jacob Oh, Chemistry & Biomolecular Engineering undergraduate
  • Wanting Zhang, Letters and Sciences undergraduate student
  • Zhenglong Jia, Development Practice Grad Group graduate student
  • Name withheld, Chemistry graduate student

Additional information about the Pulse Survey, including results from previous surveys, is available on the Undergraduate Education website. If you have any questions or concerns with the Pulse Survey, please contact UE_DataTeam@berkeley.edu.

Thanking you in advance for your participation in the survey and wishing you every success this semester.

Fiat Lux,

Oliver M. O’Reilly (he/him)
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education 

Lisa García Bedolla (she/her/ella)
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division

Stephen C. Sutton (he/him)
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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