Midterm Grade Reporting - Spring 2022

February 7, 2022

Dear Colleagues,

The CalCentral grade roster is now open for instructors to submit midterm grades for undergraduate students who are struggling academically (i.e. receiving D+ through F or NP in their course).

Deficient midterm grades can be an early sign of deeper problems and an indicator that students need help. Please submit your midterm grades in CalCentral so college advisers can reach out to those students prior to the end of the semester. To submit midterm grades:

  1. Login to CalCentral
  2. Go to My Academics > Teaching

The grade roster is open through Wednesday, March 16 at 9 a.m. (dates and deadlines for submitting midterm grades are also posted in the Academic Calendar). The course instructor of record may submit midterm grades anytime the roster is open and may update grades as often as they wish (for example, when a student has raised a deficient grade since the midterm). Midterm grades submitted to the grade roster are posted for all classes at the same time after the roster closes.

We hope that this “early warning” system will improve students’ academic and personal well-being, and we thank you for your support and cooperation.


Oliver M. O’Reilly
Interim Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education