Learning Analytics Conference: October 6, 2017

About the Learning Analytics Conference 2017

The Learning Analytics Conference 2017 is a one-day event to introduce learning analytics to the UC Berkeley academic community. The day will showcase research and examples that explore the potential for analysis and use of data generated within the learning environment, (e.g. bCourses, Berkeley’s LMS) to complement, enhance, or re-shape student assessment, feedback, reflection, and advising practices. Presentations and panels will also cover the complex set of issues that inevitably arise with innovative uses of learning data, including privacy, ownership, and stewardship. The control and use of learning data in the relationship between institutions and commercial software vendors will also be treated. Join cross-disciplinary experts from UC Berkeley and beyond as they share perspectives on this new domain.


This event is recommended for those new and experienced in learning analytics, including:

  • Instructors and faculty

  • Teaching and learning technology and IT experts

  • Pedagogy and instructional design experts

  • Administrators and decision makers

What is Learning Analytics?

Learning Analytics Definition and Venn Diagram

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Keynote - Tim McKay

Key Note, Tim McKay lecturing to a class

Professor Tim McKay is currently Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Physics, Astronomy, and Education at the University of Michigan. Prof. McKay helped to launch a campus-wide learning analytics effort, chairing the Provost’s Learning Analytics Task Force at UM. In 2014, he became the Principal Investigator on the REBUILD project, an ongoing college-wide effort to increase the use of evidence-based methods in UM’s introductory STEM courses. He is also currently the director of the Digital Innovation Greenhouse(link is external), an education technology accelerator within the UM Office of Digital Education and Innovation.  More