Multicultural Education Program

A workshop series for Division staff

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The Division of Undergraduate Education has partnered with the Division of Equity & Inclusion to offer a version of the Multicultural Education Program (MEP) designed specifically for Division of Undergraduate Education (UE) staff.

The UE version of MEP consists of a workshop series exploring workplace diversity, exploring unconscious bias, and engaging in cross-cultural communication. UE staff are asked to participate in the three-workshop sequence and will earn an MEP Certificate upon completion. This activity will be considered part of your paid workday.

Why MEP?

To create an equitable and inclusive workplace, it is essential to be aware of one’s own identities and privileges, communicate effectively across differences, recognize and address biases, and understand the difference between intent and impact. In pursuit of these goals, the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education has accepted the recommendation from the Equity & Inclusion Implementation Team that all UE staff complete the MEP.


All staff (including supervisors and managers) within UE are asked to complete the MEP. 


If you are new to UE or have not completed the workshop series, please contact Monica Garcia at for schedule and registration information. If you have completed the MEP as part of the inaugural group, you do not need to register again. 

I am excited about this professional development opportunity, which will build community and enhance cross-cultural communication in our Division. There is much that we can learn from one another, and from reflecting on our own identities and experiences.”
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Oliver O'Reilly